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To defeat your fearsome foes, you’ll need to strengthen the cast of female fighters by using special power-up cards.

This being the age of micro-transactions, you might expect each of those cards to be separately made purchases.

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Missouri tot Audrey celebrated her third birthday in October in an excrement extravaganza complete with a feces-festooned cake, balloons, and games, and now she’s loving round No. “I told her that a bunch of people are looking at pictures of her poop party and think it’s so funny and cool,” mom Rebecca, who didn’t didn’t give the family’s last name, told blog Scary Mommy. Oz just mentioned it and she’s watched it over and over.

She says she wants to be a doctor, so she thought it was awesome a doctor was talking about it.” The little party pooper’s ultimate scatological celebration included Rebecca dressing up as a deuce, a poop-shaped pinata filled with Tootsie Rolls and Hershey’s Kisses, a “pin the poop in the toilet” contest, and whoopee cushion party favors.

Audrey’s parents say the party was all her idea – they tried to talk her into something else, but just couldn’t wipe out the youngster’s excitement for excretion.

In the letter, the student confirmed that it was not a random act but was a protest against what she claimed was a poor educational standard at the school.

“I know I have resorted to the most extreme method to make a symbolic point but you NEVER listen to student voice,” the note began.

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