Rebecca dating danny

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Prior to joining the Order, Rebecca engaged in sports, including extreme snowboarding and skydiving.

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A descendant of a Prussian mercenary, Rebecca is among the Assassins who were not born into the Assassin Order, but rather recruited instead, and she regarded her ancestors as not nearly as interesting as that of her friend Desmond.Faster too." Rebecca Crane (born 1984) is a member of the Assassin Order and the creator of the Animus 2.0, which she affectionately referred to as "Baby".She was a member of Lucy Stillman's team, which concentrated on acquiring an Apple of Eden before Abstergo Industries, as well as training Desmond Miles through the use of the Bleeding Effect.She started studying music at the University of California in Santa Cruz.While she was studying, she started doing modelling and later moved to Paris to improve her modelling career.

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