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I'm a shy girl believe it or not so when it comes to showing my naked breasts it freaks me out a little! x the credit where it belongs please :) I would just like to address this situation as clearly and kindly as possible. Been listening to your comments so lots of talking in this one and jewellery jangling as I play with my belly, I hope you like it!

haha but they really are a great pair and I should be proud of them! Youtube decided to delete my videos as i was warned 2 or 3 times that my videos will get deleted unless i claim copyright, im a busy woman and i dont actually care too much about youtube.

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Join now for a Live NUDE Video Chat in my private room!Antara tiga orang tu yang paling cun ialah yang nombor 3.Dia nie tinggal berdekatan ngan rumah bakal bapak mertua aku.(for the better) :) Im saying this because ive seen it being discussed on message boards, not that it bothers me because as they say “even bad publicity is good publicity” i just wanted to set the record straight.- Love Kaylees Kandy xoxoxox A real women requested picture of my career ;) set is the first set I've done where you can pretty much see my boobs and the nipples haha what a funny word!

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